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An Introduction to CV Hustle

A couple of Cap3 Verdean entrepreneurs got together over a period of several days and discussed their next business venture. One had extensive experience as an IT manager, with exceptional expertise in website building. The other was a professional marketer, who spent the last several years helping small and medium businesses grow using inbound marketing tactics. During this time, they realized a big need in the Cape Verdean community: the need for a centralized hub, where people can learn about Cape Verde, past and present, and share the lives and stories of Cape Verdeans across the globe. Part of what was missing was a sleek website, which provided information on a diversity of topics, and served as a way to unite all 1.3+ million of its people across the globe. There was another important need: the need to empower generations of Cap3 Verdeans and immigrants as they strive to reach for their goals and achieve their dreams, through educational content focused on personal, professional and financial growth. From there, CV Hustle was born.


CV Hustle is an emerging brand and history in the making. It’s a collection of thoughtfully curated content that focused on inspiring and connecting Cape Verdeans across the world. A brand to celebrate the country, its culture, and its people, while providing them with the resources and expertise to change the world around them.


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