Cape Verde’s March to Victory

Long long ago, we were
A scattered set of towns,
Hustling for independence
And world renown.
Real were our struggles,
Battling drought and poverty,
‘Til the time came when we joined hands
And set out to write history.

Emerge we did,
From the Portuguese slave trade,
Nothing but our own determination,
Came to our aid.
Now when we look back today,
Our chest swells with pride,
And our eyes brim with tears of nostalgia,
As we march astride.

From country that usurped
With few resources at hand,
No roofs over our head
And no cultivating land,
To a WTO member,
A potpourri of a unique cultural blend,
Some of Europe
And some of the African trends.

For the sacrifices of these ancestors,
Were certainly not in vain,
Look where we are today,
And look at what we’ve gained.

So curious is the world now,
That immigration flow in,
To bask in our glory,
And celebrate a mutual win.
Global respect, admiration,
World acclamation, and fame,
Have etched forever in history,
The great Cape Verde’s name.

-CV Hustle

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