Cape Verde: The travel destination everyone is talking about

The holiday season is in full swing and people are busy making preparations to celebrate Christmas and New Year. Families have already given shape to their annual vacation and packing their clothes to have fun and enjoyment on a destination of their dreams. But if you are among those who still have your vacation decision this year, there is a destination that is exotic and interesting that you may have seen or heard about: the Cape Verde Islands, a small nation located in Atlantic Ocean. Located some 570 km away from Cape Verde Peninsula in West Africa, this archipelago of 10 islands has suddenly caught the imagination of the travelers around the world.

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Travelers showing tremendous interest in this small island country

Capo Verde has a small population of slightly over half a million. It is spread over an area of more than 4000 sq. km. It boasts of an arid climate and has a mountainous terrain. This island country has a booming tourism industry which largely supports its economy. Interest shown by travelers in Capo Verde has been amazing. Based upon searches conducted on Google, this small island country is searched more than some of the top vacation destinations of the world. Interest in this country by travelers since 2004 has grown by almost 3000%. This reflects a growing trend among the travelers towards adventure tourism, a kind of tourism for which Capo Verde has tremendous opportunities. According to an article published in Lonely Plant recently, other countries where travelers have shown high interest for tourism are UAE, Philippines, Pakistan, Nigeria, Yemen, Qatar, Bangladesh, Kuwait, and Oman. But all these countries are far behind Cape Verde when it comes to online searches.

For all those who resent freezing temperatures that are common in December and January, Cape Verde presents itself as a virtual paradise with temperatures remaining steady at 25 degrees Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit). With year-round warm and sunny weather conditions and quick access through a 6-hour flight from most major airports, Cape Verde has emerged as a favorite destination for families from America and Europe.

Amazing diversity in terms of geography in a single vacation

There are 10 islands in total making up Cape Verde, with 9 of these islands are habitable. What makes Cape Verde exciting for travelers is the fact that every island has a different geography and presents new and exciting opportunities for them. If you are looking for islands with crystal clear water and white sand on the beaches, Sal and Boavista are the ones waiting for you. Sal also has a beautiful salt lake called Pedra de Luma. Boa Vista is the island where you can enjoy not just the beaches and some beautiful turtles but also get to see the famous Vana Desert. If your preference is islands with mountains every which way you turn, Santiago and Santo Antao are perfect places for you to indulge in some hiking and exploration.

cape verde travel

There is even Fogo Island with an active volcano if you are a dare devil and wish to see a volcano from close quarters. If you are fond of canopying, scuba diving, and hiking, Santo Antao is the best island for you. It also has an active volcano. Aguas Belas is the island most difficult to reach. You can get access by going there on boat. Despite difficult access, travelers make it a point to visit Aguas Belas because it is a treat the eyes to see. One of the biggest highlights of this island is a grotto having a huge hole. This hole actually leads to the sea having clear water. Campers are delighted when they reach Serra Malagueta which is the highest point in Santiago. Despite having different topography, what make all 9 islands similar for a tourist are their coastal areas that are full of beautiful rocky structures.

Lots of fun and recreation waiting for you

You will always find summer in Cape Verde. This means you can travel light as you do not need to pack your heavy items of clothing. All you need is your sun cream to protect your skin from the UV rays of the sun. Spend endless hours soaking the sun on the white sandy beaches of this island nation if you are bored with the cold weather conditions back home. For those who are yearning for some action in the outdoors, Cape Verde is nothing short of a paradise.

cape verde travel

You may have a hard time trying to spot Cape Verde on the map of Africa, but you will be amazed with the kind of attractions awaiting you. Every island has a different set of places and activities to indulge in.

Cape Verde is not just a beautiful tropical paradise because of its natural scenery. It also boasts a strong nightlife with pubs and restaurants where you can enjoy good music and drinks. Do whatever you want to do during day time and then relax with some music and drinks in these joints in the evening. 

Plan a trip to Cape Verde this Christmas and New Year. You will cherish the memories of this beautiful island nation forever.

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