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Planning a Vacation to Cape Verde?

Cape Verde is a very underrated holiday haven. For those of you that are not from Cape Verde, planning a vacation to Cape Verde is likely not on your list of potential destinations. The islands are typically not on the radar for many in spite of its excellent profile. For those who need to have an adventure in a serene environment, Cape Verde Islands could serve as your perfect choice. For starters, the island is a cultural mix as it has both African and Portuguese cultures existing in harmony. However, it is usually the demeanor of the Cape Verdean people that would interest any visitor to this magnificent destination. The high range of hospitality will begin right at the point where one arrives on the island. The Atlantic group of islands just silently to the west coast of Senegal.

Cape Verde, Hidden Jewel For Tourists

Known popularly by the Portuguese visitors as Cape Verde, the blend of mountain and beaches will be key attractions for any visitor who wishes to enjoy great scenery.For instance, the vast expanse of green consisting of large sugar cane plantations, flowers, and valleys will take your breath away if you are just visiting here for the first time. Also, you will not miss entertainment as the Cape Verde Islands are dotted with restaurants that play beautiful music, just to the tune of any visitor here is not left behind.

Full Range of Islands

Writing about Cape Verde islands without mentioning the different islands that comprise the expansive land at sea will be an understatement. Take the island of Sal, with its enchanting landscape, that is a constant reminder of why this island has the reputation as silent heaven for a holiday. The mix of modernity and tradition play out in the open with several restaurants that are committed to serving traditional cuisine.

Learn more about the history and the culture of the islands

Exotic Tourist Destinations

Boa Vista is in itself one of the beautiful islands in Cape Verde as offers its visitors the opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Isle. The long stretch of coastline will leave you wanting no more as you will have all that you need along the coast.

Cape Verde is a destination you would need to experience in person. Definitely different and immersive!– WORLD TRAVELER

Because of its overall natural design, Boa Vista is a great place to visit with your soul mate or stay for a honeymoon within its wide range of tourist attractions. If you are all out to enjoy the temperate climates, you will have the real feel here at Boa Vista. For instance, you can opt to stay at the Hotel Riu Touareg which offers its visitors the perfect view of the sea at dinner. At the Touareg hotel, you will also enjoy well-tended lawns that give an aura of romance, a befitting setting for the love season. For those people who love a touch of class, the Royal Decameron Boa Vista hotel will serve as the perfect host in Cape Verde islands.e.

We also recommend the club hotel Riu Karamboa with its desert oasis feel and setting. As one of the ancient designs, the hotel has a spa feel with a royal touch which many consider as a stark reminder of the Sultanate.

Mountainous Area to Watch in Cape Verde

You can move away from the sea and take a look at the Pico Do Fogo which is the island’s highest peak. Due to the fact that it is an active volcano which erupted not too long ago, it calls for a thorough tour with guides. Moreover, you can decide to take a sojourn into the unknown by visiting the Sao Vicente island.

A perfect Caribbean like destination with much to offer.– US VISITOR

At the Sao Vicente, you will enjoy not only the view but also the raucous festivities that the island is known for. The Baia das Gatas will also be a perfect place if you love sports adventure as you will enjoy windsurfing stunts as well. At Sao Pedro which is located at a stone’s throw away from the airport, you can be sure to enjoy fresh cut fish meat as the fishermen take them out into the local restaurant kitchens for your enjoyment. At your free time, take a day off and visit the Museu Do Mar with its fascinating artifacts of yore.

Many Choices With Endless Opportunities

With many island choices each offering varying terrain, atmosphere, and breathtaking experiences, Cape Verde is definitely a spot worthy of visiting for a vacation. This small West African country offers a mix of the modern and the traditional African culture. However, it is the historical aspects and the scenery that will make the island a great choice for vacationing with friends or your soul mate. Let us know when you are planning your next vacation to Cape Verde!

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